Updated Work Watcher results from inception in 2016 to date

When we launched the NEW SP2A Website in August 2016 we archived a lot of data from our inception in 2010.

The vast majority of Tipping Services; appear and then vanish within 12 months; or are "morphed" in to Tipping Factories. 

These Tipping Factories churn out hundreds of Daily Tips under various names, and do not independently proof, often setting up site to proof their own tips.

At SP2A we are very proud of our longevity and the fact that ALL of our tips are independently proofed to Racing Index.

We have always recorded our results to SP and proofed to BSP but very few Tipsters "play fair" preferring deceitful "advised prices" that cannot be validated.

We will now therefore be doing a weekly update (every Tuesday at noon) showing a rolling results overview for each Tipster

This will be based on all results, will be calculated on the median price of each tip quoting SP/BSP and Advised Price at time tip issued.


Tipster Performance from inception - March 2016 to date

(This data will be updated every Tuesday at 12.00 noon)

This is based on a median of SP/BSP + Advised Price at time Tips issued verified by Oddschecker;

Total Bets 321;

Win Bets 45;

Each Way Bets 276;

Net Profit (£10 level Stakes to SP) £1767.00;

Return On Investment to SP = 29.4%


An itemised update of EVERY TIP will be archived and available on the website shortly.