Alan Professional Punter Blogs

A series of well received articles first Published in February/March 2018 from Alan - an SP2A Member and Professional Punter.

Alan "turns over" bets in excess of £1,000,000 per annum seeking a Return on his Investment net of 10% or more. He uses SP2A as his main Horse Racing resource.

The Articles outline Alan's journey to this point

These articles are based on his experiences and opinions and are not meant to be "a bible"; you may agree, you may disagree, but the evidence and experiences in places are compelling

We will issue articles in chronological order in which they were published (un-amended from original format) and a few NEW Editions will follow.

Part 1 will appear after 5pm on Friday 6th July

Any Form of copying / onwards transmission or sale is strictly Prohibited and All Rights are reserved to deal with anyone flouting this.