Michael Gould Showcase

Michael started his SP2A career is the "Elite Service" hot seat and has enjoyed excellent success.

Due to a change in work circumstances and family considerations, Michael is now able to focus his Tipping and Analysis much more on the Monday to Friday period than before. (He is an IT Network Consultant and will now be home-based cutting back about 3 hours per day in travelling time).

With his excellent Analytical Prowess and Tipping success - Michael will now deliver a new SHOWCASE daily tip service, focusing on one top "Showcase" race each day. The Elite Service will be taken over by David of DC Tipping whose recent performance with our sister Mentor site have been exceptional.

On the right hand side of the screen is the analysis for the tipster: Michael Gould Showcase, you can view the data of the last 20 Tips, All Tips for the current year, 2018, and their historical data, all their tips since starting at SP2A. The final tap is a graphical representation of their tips by course. The top pie chart, shows the 10 courses that have given Michael Gould Showcase, their best return’s (this is a total of the PROFIT on that course) the second Pie Chart give there least profitable course’s, again this is total profit of all tips given for that course. **Holding you mouse over each segment, will reveal the number of tips given for that course, along with the average return.**

Recent Blog Entries for Michael Gould Showcase

Hamilton 4.50 Posted: 13/09/2018 16:50

HAMILTON in the 4.50 the front running style of METRONOMIC is very apt for the ability to judge pace that David Allen has. It remains a mystery to me why this guy didn't crack the big time a few years back as he is a fantastic horseman. Seems to have... [Read More]

Doncaster 5.15 Posted: 12/09/2018 17:15

Doncaster 5.15 3 Sheepscar Lad @ 5/1 - 1/2 point each way + see Mention LYDIATE LADYI picked out Sheepscar Lad last night but suspect that a number of the overnight newspaper Tipsters have latched on to it as the price has fallen as the types who fol... [Read More]

Sedgefield 2.00 Posted: 06/09/2018 14:00

Sedgefield 2.00 14 Midnight Queen @ 7/1 / 3 Indian Reel @ 11/1 (early PP) - 1/2 POINT EACH WAY BOTH - Paddy Power odds to 4thThe trip is my key dynamic on this undulating Track. Lincoln County would have a chance on its penultimate run at Perth but t... [Read More]

Last 20 Results For Michael Gould Showcase

Michael Gould Showcase tips for 2018

The table below gives all tips from Michael Gould Showcase, since they started at SP2A.

All Results recorded to SP - Starting Price unless otherwise state Results recorded to £10 each way / £20 win - as advised prior to 31/12/17 From 1/1/18 Results recorded to advised unit on basis of 1 point = £10.00