SP2A Speedway - plans for 2019

When we launched the FREE SP2A Speedway Tips in the spring of this year we never realised how popular they would become.

Whilst some SP2A Horse Racing Members have utilised them and used the tips from day 1; a significant number; have joined in throughout 2018 and now watch the GP Meetings on TV and bet on each Round. It is fair to say that whilst there are those who will bet only on horses, or who believe that by diluting our time, we have somehow affected the quality of the Horse Racing service; but they are in a very small minority, and probably think the same about the excellent GOLF Tips provided by Kevin Withey too. Our Golf and Speedway tips have out-performed the horses this summer; but we always planned SP2A to be a multi-sports brand.

We have also attracted a whole new audience via FREE Speedway tips;  and been delighted by the response from bettors and non bettors, speedway fans and those who are watching the sport on TV for the first time.

We could not have achieved what we have without the fantastic support of David Corns; a lifelong Speedway fan, and a big THANK YOU to David for all of his help and support.; and to his brother Ian too for some sage advice and guidance and both David and Ian will play vital roles in our development going forwards. I think the combination of a lifelong fan (David) and a somewhat limited and aged ex-rider (myself) has worked rather well, with 7 of 9 Round winners, a net profit north of 100 points in profit and a Return on Investment of over 150%. Our "season long" tips also look like bearing fruit too.

That though has been the tip of an iceberg. Each Round we have attracted in excess of 50,000 unique website hits from Europe, specifically Poland and Sweden, we have also earned some incredibly positive feedback from Speedway supporters, who know nothing about Horse Racing; or indeed betting; and also from some very respected people within the Sport. Personally; I have seen a love for the sport, that was practically extinct; completely re-energised and via SP2A Speedway we are now sponsoring a few Riders, helping sponsorship of Forman IT Eastbourne Eagles; and I was very proud and honoured a few months ago; to be asked if I would like to become Commercial Manager of Eastbourne Speedway.

So what are we planning for 2019?

The most significant change will be that SP2A Speedway will move to its own dedicated website www.sp2aspeedway.com. It will have its own dedicated marketing and commercial brand and logo; and will enhance and develop its sponsorship and corporate base. I want to do what we can to help aspiring and talented young BRITISH RIDERS; specifically those under 20; and/or whose careers have started/based in the NATIONAL LEAGUE, where so much great talent is being unearthed and nurtured. We have given a small amount of financial help to the outstanding NO LIMITS programme in 2018, want to enhance that; with more help in 2019, and massive credit goes to the likes of Ian Sinderson, Rory Schlein ; Tai Woffinden and many others, for the unheralded; quiet but fantastic work that they are doing.

We are also in conversations to have access and links to the excellent SPEEDWAY PORTAL Media Hub;  we also plan to enhance our SPEEDWAY GP coverage and we plan a stable of 5 sponsored SP2A Riders. We have already agreed terms with TOM BRENNAN (European Under 19 Finalist and British Under 19 Championship Runner Up in 2018); GEORGIE WOOD (Eastbourne No 1 and one of the top NL riders) and are close to agreement to have the exceptional and massively talented 16 year old JASON EDWARDS (Eastbourne and Lakeside) in the SP2A Stable too. We are currently considering 2 more additions and if any NL Rider Under 20,  currently riding for any NL Club, or in the SDL or MDL/NDL Development Leagues or No Limits/Poultec Training programmes is reading this; and wants to be considered, please mail me at sp2auk@gmail.com and I will arrange a chat.  

We have other exciting plans that we will announce in due course, that will include doing analysis and tips on League Racing in Poland and Sweden, where there are active and legitimate Betting markets. Sadly; in the UK the markets for League Racing are few and far between and frowned upon and to be fair, for ethical reasons,  it would be impossible to be involved in Speedway Admin and to operate a Betting angle, but we can look forwards to getting more involved in Swedish and Polish and Speedway GP markets.

The popularity in Poland in particular means that we will launch a version of the website in Polish too; and if there is a demand in other languages. There will be a very small charge for tips and analysis in 2019; but other than admin costs, 100% of the proceeds will be churned back in to our Team and Rider sponsorship programmes, helping outstanding UK talent to develop on a more level playing field with their European counter-parts. I have signed up 2 major Betting Platforms to handle our Speedway output; separately in Europe and the UK  next year; and all tips and analysis will also be available directly from SP2A.

The new SP2A SPEEDWAY website will be launched shortly, and whilst this will be the final update on the SP2A Horse Racing portal, very exciting times and plans lie ahead.