Tom Brennan - European Under 19 Final - Finland Saturday 11th August

We are delighted that one of the riders that we sponsor; 17 year old Tom Brennan; has qualified for the European Under 19 Championship Final on Saturday.

This is a remarkable achievement for a young man who was runner up in the British Under 19 Final in May, aged just 16; beaten only by a 18 year old FULL British International Rider.

Tom subsequently travelled to The Czech Republic in early July, just 2 days after his 17th birthday and on a track he had never seen before, took on some of the best 18 and 19 year olds in Europe and qualified comfortably for the final with an 11 point return. It is a measure of the lad that he was disappointed he did not make the Top 3.

He has starred all season as a Heat Leader and current No 1 for the FORMAN IT Eastbourne Eagles, and heads a crop of outstanding young British Talent, being nurtured by Neil Vatcher and The Young Lions and supported by The NO LIMITS programme, designed to offer not only track tuition but also nutritional; physicals and Sports Science to our young Riders; a scheme we have been happy to support.

Young Speedway Riders do not earn fortunes, what they do earn invariably gets ploughed back in to equipment and costs. Tom is frankly a SPONSORS DREAM! and I don't say that lightly. An outstandingly talented young man who has the ability to be WORLD CLASS but also a quiet unassuming and respectful young man, who knows how to use the words "please and thank you" and who has the time to chat at any time and to regularly update and  keep in touch with us. He has an outstanding Mentor in Martin Dugard and a proud and wonderfully supportive Mom and family.

However; Tom gets little or no financial support for these European trips despite flying the Flag for Britain from British Speedway Authorities; and his trips to The Czech Republic and Finland have been massive logistical efforts, and have cost in the region of £7000.00. We at SP2A and Tom's other Sponsors have been delighted to help to cover part of these costs; and Tom has made a major contribution too from his own savings, but this outstanding prospect could do with a little more help if possible.  

We have therefore helped to set up a GO FUND ME PAGE to assist Tom, any small donation helps, will be acknowledged and I know that Tom will be eternally grateful. If you can help spread the message; via Social Media and/or make a small donation, here is the link-: - if you would like to find out more about Tom and follow his career, please drop us a line at SP2A and we will pass the message directly on for you.