A litte clarity

In a recent e-mail I touched on some "bones of contention" that still seem to be the reason for 90% of the mails that I get.

It seems worthwhile therefore to repeat these and to put them prominently on to the website and to have them clear in all minds;

if for no other reason than for complete clarity and transparency and to act as a "base" around which everything is reported.

Tips and Mentions - a TIP is a tip advised at full stake (NEW par is 1point each way) a MENTION is a speculative tip advised at
50% stake (new par is 1/2 point each way). The only deviation from this will be a WIN TIP (advised at 2 point win). I cannot express
in any stronger terms that a MENTION is a tip; by all means contact us a have a "pop" if the Tips and Mentions are not delivering;
but please no more mails saying long the lines of "your tips are shit and I don't count mentions" if the tips are shit we'll take it on

the chin and man up and sort it, but if you are not counting the whole picture, it is not fair and impossible to be constructive about.

Staking - we have recently formalised the Staking plans at your (Members) requests. I have always believe Staking is down to the
individual to take responsibility for. Many do and therefore our Staking is merely a "guide" and also a notification of the parameter  
that we will record and report by. I know that many stake 1 point and 2 point each way respectively, that is your prerogative and 

you each know your own likes and dislikes far better than we do, so take staking as a Guide and Results based on that Guide.

Betting Bank - A Betting Bank is a vital component of Staking and the D word DISCIPLINE!. Discipline is vital and I know I am
teaching many of you how to suck eggs by even mentioning it. We have on the website a simple and very effective Guide. Put
simply a 100 point Betting Bank with Unit to suit you that should be affordable. A set stake per unit to be played as instructed/
as decided by you based on selections. We won't usually stake more than 5 points in any given day, usually less, and we 

suggest a 100 point bank for Daily Tips; a 50 point bank for Elite Tips and a small "kitty" for fun bets like Forecasts and Tricast.

It is impossible to stress how important Discipline; a Betting Bank and Level Staking are, they are the only way to consistent
profit and any serious gambler/punter will tell you the same thing. We have tried ourselves and with articles by Alan and others
to get this message across. Please DO NOT fall in to the honey trap of having a decent win and automatically throwing it all
on the next race or next day, convinced you have found the Holy Grail or Magic Money Tree. Neither exist. Indeed and apologies
to our lady members for any offence caused but stupid staking like that is the Punting equivalent of "premature ejaculation"
you will shoot your load, (your bank); end up in a right mess and look back and despair at not being more disciplined. There

is also no short cut to building and developing a Betting Ban strategy, no "Viagra pill here" just discipline and record keeping.

What is a winner?, it may sound a daft question but our strategy is built on "seeking value" that value comes from race profiling,
especially races with "enhanced place odds". We seek odds extended to 4th, 5th sometimes 6th place; in that race we seek
value. The logic is simple, "if we can't find the winner (by winning) we try not to lose (by placing)" IF YOU CAN'T WIN DONT LOSE.
This is a bone of contention that is the equivalent of "marmite" there are NO WIGHT/WRONG answers but what we have to make
crystal clear is OUR DEFINITION of "winning" as when we bet "each way" a winner is a horse that makes "a net profit"; so look
at it like this, we either "win big" or we win (but not as big) or we lose. That is a clear definition. If we lose, we lose and we don't
like losing, but when I do get e-mails from people saying they have "lost" and they have backed a horse at 25/1 that places and
they say "I don't do each way betting"; it is both frustrating and impossible to answer that person. I would use the analogy that
if you want to buy a Volvo Car; you don't go to a Ford Dealership; WE ARE WHAT WE ARE we have built a model to deliver
consistent net profit and it has delivered over the years consistently, but if you want to back WIN ONLY and want to measure

us on that basis, I would respectfully suggest that we will always have the DNA of seeking profit by winners and placed horses. 

We are doing a huge amount of work behind the scenes to improve our Reporting mechanisms. The original SP2A site was
outstanding at this and has a huge database going back to 2010. The new (current site) for some reason does not have
the scope the old one does. That is being addressed and in the past week alone we have put a massive new database in
place to capture all results going back to 2010. They will be shown on a new dedicated RESULTS page for all services 
combined but you will still have results by "specific Tipster" on each individual Tipster page and instead of showing the
"mort recent 20 tips" as it does now; it will categorise in to 2018 / 2017 and prior to 2017 so results will be "in totality";
by service (Daily / Elite /Mentions) and also by individual Tipster. To facilitate this, and a huge spike of interest over the
weekend from the new Speedway Tips, we have in the past few days increased "server capacity" 6 fold, speed is already
a lot faster and once we have completed and implemented the new Data Base; we will increase server capacity again;
if we need to. I am mindful, that in trying to develop all kinds of statistics for all tastes to all measures and some we may
of fallen in to the trap of "jack of all trades; master of none" and we plan to become "master of all" pretty damn quick! 

and the ETA for the implementation and delivery of the "Data Base" and website enhancement to be completed in 1 July.

The aforementioned Server volume increase will also allow us to put in to The Members Paddock the full 7 edition
e-book from Alan, Parts 6 and 7 of which will be NEW and the PDF format in Publisher mode will allow some

screenshots and pictures, to enhance what is in the fairly wordy writing style of the articles eta is 1 June.  

Tomorrow we will have a look at The Tipster Panel and make some fine tuning to that.

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