Friday 6th July

Good Morning

I think the most telling thing I have read about the current Racing outlook is the fact that Wolverhampton had no less than 295 entries for a 7 race AW Card on Tuesday, as desperate Trainers seek anything to run on the is not Good to Firm or worse. When we see tracks like Doncaster, always superbly prepared; are struggling to attract field sizes below 50% of the normal; we know that these are unusual times even by UK weather standards. It is lunacy to risk horses on unsafe jarring Going.

I don't need to tell anyone either how difficult the past few weeks have been so we will have to sit and ride out the proverbial "dust" storm; and adopt a common sense approach. This is not a time to try to make fortunes in my opinion, but it is a time when Betting Banks could be unnecessarily depleted, for the sake of a bit of common sense.
With a paucity of runners and real punting options at 4 Flat Turf meetings in the UK today ,we will have a bash at a couple of decent field competitive races over the Jumps at Newton Abbot, where some watering and some significant rainfall last weekend, have ensured Good Going. We will have a small dabble in one race at Beverley tonight that caught my eye.

I have made a calculated decision to deviate from the normal staking and to suggest reduced odds, that may upset some who see things in "black and white" but I think there are always occasions where a pragmatic and logical view is to step back and to bend to salient conditions, so my recommendation (for you to take or leave) is to play to reduced stakes today. The horses are picked using the usual methods, it is the conditions in my humble opinion not the logic, that is the current bogey in the room!

We have 3 Mentions today at Newton Abbot and Beverley.

We will have ELITE Tips available in the morning and sent out at around 8am, DAILY TIPS available and sent out at about 9.30am and separate from ELITE (following your feedback) and we will have any Golf Updates from Kevin throughout the weekend for his subscribers (there has been a "lay suggestion sent this morning after another excellent start" ; and the FREE Speedway GP Tips will be online tomorrow morning for Round 4 from HALLSTAVIK in Sweden; where we will change the format slightly to reflect some constructive feedback about the number of tips and potentially conflicting analysis.

I have to say a massive well done to one of our young SP2A sponsored Speedway Riders, Tom Brennan, who was 17 just 3 days ago; riding at a track in Czech Republic he had never seen before; he qualified for the European Under 19 Final yesterday; against a field made up predominantly of 19 year old lads, mostly from Eastern Europe, who ride the track regularly. Tom finished 5th, and told me he was gutted he missed a podium by 1 point, that to me is the mindset of a winner. What most impresses me though about this kid; are his manners;respect and politeness; within a few minutes of finishing; he was sending me a Thank You Direct Message (DM) on Twitter; thanking us for our general and also some specific help with the costs of yesterday. That is just pure class in my humble opinion. 

A few have asked why we have not sponsored a jockey or jockette. I have tried, believe me, but despite contacting several Agents and others who look after jockey sponsorship, I have yet to have the courtesy of even a reply, which is sad. If anyone can put us in touch with a young jockey; who would appreciate some sponsorship in return for a logo on their breeches, please let me know. Brand awareness is something I'm very keen to increase and exploit. Obviously said person would need to be both polite and articulate, no chance of us getting Ryan Moore interested then!
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