Friday 8th June

Good Morning

I don't feel on reflection that we missed out at all yesterday having had a "no tip day" nothing sprung off the page as "missed at nice odds" with the possible exception of Wotabreeze who we had tipped to an enhanced place last time and who was in the tracker BUT we had studied that race in depth and decided it was "was too tricky" on the day, so no regrets as we could honestly have picked 3-4 before it.

I do think we are in a bit of a "lull" period with Royal Ascot just 10-11 days away and a few of the regular Tipsters (and a few other top ones not SP2A it seems) are taking the chance to have a few days away; and the quality and quantity today for a Friday is pretty moderate. We have found a few we like but with better racing tomorrow; and with an eye on the horizon; for the week after next, we will adopt a sensible approach, having started the month with a couple of nice priced winners. We found the 25/1 and 33/1 winners of the 2 biggest Royal Ascot Handicaps last season, so we will start to look at repeating that, once we know more about the declarations, and MORE importantly; the weather, The Clerk of The Course at Ascot is one of those "hosepipe loons" so hopefully we will get a bit of authentic rain in the next 10 days.

We have selections today from PLACESPOTTER and WORK WATCHER at Carlisle and Mentions from Carlisle and Haydock Park

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