Monday 18th June

Good Morning;

It is sometimes good to have a "mental refresh" and after big priced winners on 4 successive days from Tuesday to Friday last week; and a very busy week ahead, it has been good I hope to "switch off" for a few days. We have 4 Flat Cards today at Ayr; Carlisle and Nottingham, the other Card is at Windsor, a track that as you may have figured, wouldn't touch tipping wise with a "barge pole". It is pretty low grade stuff by any context; not in the least against what starts at Royal Ascot tomorrow.

Back in Staffordshire this week; got to admit I am missing the stunning sea view and my tipping has again hit real highs by the sea, could be the air; more likely I suspect the fact that once tips are done; I don't then sit slaving over admin/planning duties for another 5-6 hours or more, a lesson that will be taken forwards and remembered!

We have 3 x MENTIONS given the quality of the racing, the generally Good to Firm Going and here they are (all selected by me); pretty speculative, but then again, so were the 4-5 winners last week!.

A mention each at Ayr; Carlisle and Nottingham today at early odds ranging from 9/1 to 16/1 all suggested at 1/2 point each way.

BACK TOMORROW (with the usual Tips Box format) with ELITE SERVICE at around 7.30am and DAILY TIPS at around 8.30am.
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