Monday 7th January

We apologise for a website OUTAGE this morning before 9.00am due to Server re-alignment work.

There is NH action at Musselburgh (small fields) and Chepstow today and an AW Fixture at Wolverhampton. We will continue to use the Tracker to highlight a few AW horses put up by our new AW expert, who will have some tips and be formally introduced in the latter half of the week, the signs from his Tracker horses have been very positive and on Wednesday we will do a summation of the first week of the Tracker results. Dark Horse has also been chipping in some nice winners and a some very big priced horses just missing a place like yesterday, where the sole actual tip SIXTIES IDOL also just missed an enhanced place by a very narrow margin and would surely have won a bit of each way money but for an error at the last.

A tip today from The Advisor at Chepstow and also the usual DARK HORSE ; TRACKER and Trainer In Form details.


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