Sunday 13th May

Good Morning

At first glance the Horse Racing Results yesterday were a bit of a disaster, these days happen. The draw at Ascot threw "Elite Service" changing
with more than expected rain from the previous nights evidence that middle to high was the place to be. Those we did tip ran well enough from
unfavourable draws to be tracked and as Michael said if he got the draw wrong we'll "take it on the chin". The Daily Tips had a faller in the shape
of Debece, one that reared in the stalls and lost all chance in Be Perfect and to first glance nothing placed. However, we profiled the races that we
did because of the "enhanced placed odds" so if you followed the advice and had bets with the named Bookies, the 4th place of Wotabreeze and
the 5th place of Nora Batt, will have ensured some "decent shrapnel" to mitigate the losses and on such days are Betting Banks protected a little

bit more than would seem obvious at first glance, and over a sustained period "mitigating losses" is just as important as banging in winners.

The Speedway tips and analysis proved very popular and profitable according to my "Inbox" this morning, we managed to find 3 of the 4 finalists
in the "meeting tips" and David predicted a 28/1 forecast on the 1-2 and in terms of the "overall series" Betting we named the all 4 favourites as
either "tips or dark horses" to follow. The First Round was complicated a bit by having to analyse all of the Riders and offering both a Series and
Meeting perspective, once we get to Round 2 it will be a case of focussing 90% on just that night for tips, whilst keeping an eye on the overall
picture by "laying off" and "topping up". I am biased but I think you get more excitement in 60 seconds of a Speedway Race than 3 weeks of
patently bent and stage managed Snooker, that is more like WWE in terms of fixing than a Sport, and not sure any other sport other tan maybe
Boxing, where you will have a guy lying prostrate under a fence having hit it head on at 60mph and then winning the re-run of the race 5 mins later!
It is and always have been a "marmite sport" but it is a Betting angle I think we have a lot of expertise in and also a Sport where I can pull in a
lot of help and advice from some old and new contacts who are heavily involved in the Sport, I'm sure I could not ring up John Gosden or Paul
Nicholls for some Horse Racing tips, in Speedway, it is easier for me; to speak to and get some decent knowledge from the equivalent experts;
and a 28/1 forecast is profit, whether on 2 wheels or 4 legs. We had some feedback about how to get the tips more prominent which I will
consider, I don't really want to be mailing them out as the majority might not want them, but we may ask you to "opt in" or we may make them

more prominent, what I can see is that we had thousands of hits from all over Europe on the website from non Horse Racing fans.

I must pass on my thanks profusely to David for his help and assistance and his Horse Racing Tips (he is one we have mentored)

are really picking up and doing very well, and we will be telling you a lot more about them in the coming week and how to access them.

On to the day job and Racing at Ludlow; Plumpton and Southwell over the Sticks and at Leopardstown and Killarney in Ireland.
We looked closely at all meetings and found 3 races that fitted the profile we are looking for, one (the 2.45 at Plumpton) is too dire
to warrant anything other than a brief line at the end of the message; so we will focus on one at Ludlow and one at Southwell.
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