Sunday 19th June

A fine run yesterday from Summerghand to place 4th in the Wokingham at Ascot. It was a shame that Commanche Falls broke out of the Stalls and inflicted a bad looking fall on David Probert at the start, what impact that had on Chairmanoftheboard in the next Stall is unclear. Gulliver never featured but as it transpired was drawn on the wrong side and it wasn't a surprise given Ian's write up to see the good run from Mr Wagyu nor the exceptionally well ridden winner Rohaan. 
We focused mainly on one race per day and in that context winners on Tuesday and Wednesday at double figure advised odds for Robin were very solid, as was a place and an enhanced place on Friday and a place yesterday. The added race on the first few days was very disappointing, we twice had 5/6 on the Placepot, but overall I think "frustrating" would be the overall impression.
A lot is often made of the Draw at Ascot and with a massive amount of watering this week you'd have to say a massive well done I think to Chris Stickels and his Team. As a punter it's not ideal to have such variation each day in the draw but if every race is predetermined by a massive Draw bias, which has happened here in the past, then it can spoil the spectacle. I've no doubt he's done his bit to even it up each day, possibly watering the Stand side a little less on Friday and Saturday but although that's made Tipsters jobs infinitely harder, we aren't moaners here and overall he's delivered a great spectacle.
We're now back to a degree of normality and look forward to Robin and The Advisor taking recent good form forwards, the return of our Northern Expert who has rarely been out of form for long and also back to some Irish tips from Sean which had started to deliver specifically the summer jumping. Ian will be taking an extended rest from tipping, we all know what he's capable of but his prowess seems to have deserted for now and we'll give him time to try to get into the right headspace once again.
We've tips and analysis today from Robin at Worcester and our Northern Expert at Pontefract.