The SP2A Profit Guarantee Scheme

From the 1st of JULY 2018 all Members who renew/re-subscribe for periods in excess of 3 months will get the following PGS threshold Guarantees.

The PGS - Profit Guarantee Scheme is something I have been considering for a while; and some Members will have joined in the past 9 months by an embryonic version of what we now wish to fully launch, whereby we offered/offer a 3 month "starter" with a Refund Guarantee if we did not/do not make "net profit" in that period. There are unlikely to be any further such 3 month schemes in the near-mid-term future, but we can now roll out the logic across the board.

In October we celebrate 8 years of SP2A; and I think that we now know what we are capable of; and what realistic expectations that we can set and adhere to, and aim to consistently achieve. We have always made Customer Service a vital component  of what we do and also try to be transparent and open at all times, SP2A has always been about medium and long term consistency and profit and not a "get rich quick" or "fly by night here today and gone tomorrow" service, which sadly, too many Tipping Sites are. We have made mistakes; hopefully learned from them, and the day we stop seeking to improve, should be the day we close shop. That is not something we envisage at any time in the foreseeable future. 

We have also always sought to ADD new things as part of the SP2A package; and not to "bolt on at extra cost" new Features and in terms of Horse Racing Content; that mantra will not only continue but be intrinsic, to our aims and goals. At the moment we have a free add on in terms of the niche Speedway offering, that will become "stand alone" at some point ready for 2019, all content will remain FREE for the rest of 2018; it will then move to its own NEW website. We plan to introduce GOLF to the equation very shortly. A significant number have signed up for Kevin's Golf Tips on a mentor site (Tips Tap) and will have already enjoyed some success including 25/1 and 33/1 cross Atlantic wins last weekend. The Golf Tips from Kevin will shortly move to SP2A and ongoing subscriptions will come over with them, but Golf will now also be part of the SP2A Brand. It is a niche but competitive market and I think we have someone in Kevin, who is as good as there is, but with some unique difference to his approach; which he calls "all about being interested on a Sunday". 

IF you subscribe for the following periods, the minimum performance level will trigger a REFUND/Further Free Subscription Period if the following measures are not achieved in the designated subscription period.-:

*3 Month subscriptions - IF we do not achieve an ROI of 5% to BSP/SP (whichever is greater) to 1 point level each way stake.

*6 Month subscriptions - IF we do not achieve an ROI of 7.5% to BSP/SP (whichever is greater) to 1 point level each way stake

*12 Month subscriptions - IF we do not achieve an ROI of 10.0% to BSP/SP (whichever is greater) to 1 point level each way stake

(These will cover Daily Tips and Mentions based on Racing Index Proofing from Sunday 1st July 2018 and are in respect of any renewal/re-subscription after that date).

*LIFETIME CLIENTS - we have a growing number of "LIFETIME MEMBERS" and in reflection of their commitment to SP2A (currently Guaranteed tips for a minimum of 10 years and a pro-rata refund should we close in that period due to unforeseen circumstances e.g if we close after 5 years you get 50% refund back) we will make a further special exemption. To maintain our commitment that they would never have to pay again for any added "horse racing service" we will also add in Speedway and also a 50% exemption/discount for the Golf Service. I will write separately to Lifetime Clients about this next week as the minimum guarantee afforded to 12 month subscriptions will also apply to any period above 1 year including Lifetime, so discounts will apply if we fail to hit the 10% target.

(If you want to join Lifetime at any point simply drop me an e-mail and I will explain the full details and cost which is on the website Pricing Page) 

* to be 100% transparent about the measures and % of ROI that will trigger the offer of a subscription Refund or the offer of FREE TIPS for the same period, here is the definition of what will be covered. The guarantee is based on each way level 1 point stake bets to SP/BSP whichever is the greater sum and will be based on independent Racing Index Proofing tables from 1/7/18. The only anomaly will be "enhanced each way places when advised by us" - an enhanced place will be counted if THREE or more of the big 7 Bookmakers readily offer the enhancement and they are defined as Ladbrokes/Coral/Paddy Power/Bet Victor/ Sky / William Hill and Bet 365 and if a horse qualifies for this then an "e" symbol will be shown in the Daily Tips Table on the morning e-mail.

We do not and have no intention of changing our "opt in" renewal/re-subscribe policy - e.g we NEVER automatically take the "next due" payment, we always write and offer you the chance to renew - so this means when your renewal IS due, we will be able to tell you exactly what the ROI was to the above measures in the previous 3 months and reference to it and if we have to at that point invoke the REFUND offer. I passionately believe that this is the best way to treat Clients as it does not assume "loyalty or renewal" and also in many cases opens up avenues of genuine and constructive client feedback and inter-action.

We will treat ELITE SERVICE slightly differently, as they look at the very TOUGHEST of the TOUGH races but the Guarantees will still apply but be slightly different "entry levels" at 2.5% ROI for 3 months; 5% ROI for 6 months and 7.5% ROI for 12 months plus. 

In essence therefore IF we don't make the above Profit NET to ROI for the relevant periods you get a CAST IRON REFUND Guarantee. I don't know of any other long term service that makes this type of Offer?. I am aware of things like "ClickBank" that offer some kind of 6 month Refund scheme, my experience though of that process is that it is an absolute pain in the backside and often used (though there are some who abide properly by it) by services that vanish within the 6 month period. The PGS is bespoke, manually operated and the copywrite of SP2A and offered to all current Members on and from FIRST renewal. It is not a "first subscription" offer but EVERYONE getting this email will have it applying to them from 1/7/18 on the date of their next or for some first renewal. 

(There are some Members on current deals with 6 months plus to run and I will write to you next week with a similar concept to cover the remaining months of your current subscription IF it has 6 months plus to run as from 30 June 2018 but is not more than 3 years in total duration; this is to ensure that you don't think "well this is great but I have to wait 6 months plus to enjoy any benefit" - you will be catered for in the meantime!).   

The PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE Scheme is fundamentally a THANK YOU for your loyalty to Brand SP2A; it is part of our long term commitment to you and confidence in our Product and whilst the bottom line with any Tipping Service/Analysis is RESULTS; I hope that it adds a further layer of confidence and transparency to what we offer. As a result of PGS we will cap SP2A Membership at around 400 Members and that includes everyone getting this e-mail and just about a potential 15% increase. Basically, I have no grandiose thoughts of world; UK or any other form of domination, big is not always beautiful and we always want a "friendly / family / valued Client feel". I make no bones about it, GOOD Clients are hard to find and RETENTION of good Clients is therefore vital to us and something not many Companies give the time and effort, that I think it deserves!

You need do nothing more other than to understand that ALL future renewals of 3 months or more from SUNDAY are covered by the Guarantee and to be further transparent, if you get a renewal mail from NOW (between 27-30 June) it will be covered too.

You might have realised that PGS is ripe for adding an "i" - well in this case it may be a case that sometimes pigs can fly and in this case do! 

One final little add-on. We have always been mindful of "annual summer holidays" and whilst some bet through them, others may not be able to or don't want to, so IF you are going away and cant have a punt and want 1 week "saved" to tag on to your next subscription - please a few days before you go let me know and we can come to individual arrangement on a case by case basis.
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