Thursday 12th July

Good Morning

We finally get some decent Racing today with a cracking Card at Newmarket, decent fields too at the other venues, Carlisle; Doncaster; Epsom and Newbury and Irish Racing too. It gives us a chance today, and next few days, to stretch our muscles and to try to get back in to some form of "tipping rhythm".

It was a shame England could not convert their first World Cup semi Final in a generation in to their first final in 52 years, but the young Team and Manager did the Nation proud and there should be no recriminations from and keyboard warrior, the "pundits" who are saying though that we are in great shape for 2022, need to wake up and smell the coffee; as things are never so simple. So on to "the game of death" on Saturday, what's the point of a 3rd/4th place play-off, sadly it will impact on Horse Racing on Saturday afternoon and other sports; which has indirectly messed my weekend up, but hey-ho life goes on.

We have selections from Michaels Showcase in the big Handicap at Newmarket; from The Professor at Carlisle; from The Advisor at Epsom and in the Mentions a pair of distinguished old timers, that some may call "rogues" whose handicap marks cannot be ignored.

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