Tuesday 11th September

Good Morning

One of those very poignant dates on the Calendar and one I will never forget; 17 years ago, and a Tuesday too; given the loss of a few close friends and work colleagues.

There is Racing today at Catterick; Leicester; Salisbury on the Flat and at Worcester over the Jumps and in Ireland at Listowel. A lot of competitive low Grade races with some decent fields and in the case of Leicester and to a degree Salisbury, a number of 2 year old races, where the conundrum is, what has ability now, what may develop ability later, what won't ever have ability, and what is being run to get a handicap mark to hide ability now, but to expose it later - most likely early next season. I think today at least, we leave the 2 year olds alone. That won't be the case later in the week, as we have 4 cracking days at Doncaster to look forwards to.

I talk a lot about "The Tracker" and we see good and bad points in it today. The good is that we have a significant number of unexposed P2P horses for the Jumps, an avenue that gained us a fantastic sequence of big priced winners last winter and the one before, once we really started to exploit the niche, I have high hope for it again. The bad is that as we get to the "butt end" of the Flat season, we have dozens we have tracked, and can have days like today, when frankly, 1/4 of the field at Catterick seem to "pop out". Psychologically; we will have to accept that we will check results and see winners on a day like today and go "oh no"; the fact is, there may be half the field that you could say that about. We have narrowed a big list down to a pair, well handicapped, right grade and conditions and one factor that stands out today is potentially very good stall draws. We also have a Tricast suggestion at Worcester using the P2P Tracker.

We have "Mentions in the 3.35 at Catterick and the 4.00 at Salisbury and a suggested Tricast in the 2.20 at Worcester

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