Tuesday 22nd May

Good Morning

We had a couple of very nice placed runners yesterday from the 1 tip and 3 mentioned with Relight My Fire placed at 16/1 and in with a shout
right to the end of a race which all saw the tip Mywayistheonlyway beaten on the nod for a place on the line. The meeting at Leicester saw 
Railport Dolly place at 14/1 (as advised) having been readily available at 20/1 until a few minutes before the off. The only disappointment 
was Fastalong, but anyone who had a dabble at the Tricast at Leicester will also have noted the place run at 25/1 of Novadowa and that 

is probably a horse to track religiously, a right pain at the start, took ages to load yet ran home in very promising style beaten by a Rizla paper! 

There are a lot of runners in a lot of extremely moderate races today and caution is advised and very few races have "enhanced odds" so we will
focus on Ayr, a glance at Chepstow, and whilst we have not forgotten the NH summer jumpers, Robin is away for a few weeks; I think he needs
the break in terms of freshening up and relaxing, and I'm sure will return with cracking NH summer tips from early June and we will have the
occasional NH jaunt in his absence. One final point before I move on to today, yesterday again proved emphatically that horses we tip can
drift in price just as much as retract in price, indeed 8/1 to 16/1 and 14/1 to 20/1 and although some do get backed in and shorter, more often
than not they retract out or the logical reason is non runner in the race and new markets. It is very easy to get hypnotised by "price" and the
notion that a Tipster can change a market, frankly that is absolute rubbish (I could use a swear word I wont) unless they tip in to fragile evening
markets or have a site festooned with Bookie affinity deals which those that have the tips use, since we have no affinity Bookie deals nor the
mistaken ego that we have the remotest chance of affecting a market, please feel comfortable in the knowledge that advised prices are accurate
when sent but that you don't have to dive in / rush in / BOG etc, and area we need to and will cover off again when we re-issue all of Alans notes
and add some new ones in the next few weeks on to the enhanced website. It is also important to point out again that we do have an each way
strategy, many longer mention shots are tipped at 20/1+ because we think there is more potential profit and chance of us finding a place at

those odds than a winner in the race at 3-4-5/1 and that is built in to the strong recommendation to back those "each way".

We have tips at Ayr from The Professor; Work Watcher and The Advisor and some juicy big priced mentions at Ayr and Chepstow.

(PS - following a request we are hanging left today - left hand rather than centre page format, its not hard for me to hang to the left!; but we'll
see how it goes and in a week or so I will ask you for feedback as I'm told the format is better for phones and tablets).
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