Wednesday 12th September

Good Morning

If we can survive any more "grubs" racing at Doncaster; Carlisle; Uttoxeter; Kempton and Listowel. The Doncaster Card is not great today and The Legends Race has never interested me as a Betting medium, so just a competitive Sprint from there. We had outstanding success in long Distance Irish Chases last winter in the mud, a bit early for us yet but we will have a pop at The Kerry National today, a nice warm up for the long months ahead and hoping to carry on the great winter run in Ireland. It cannot possibly be "Good Going" at Uttoxeter; so a punt from there and a couple of darts at Carlisle where the Heavy Going is an angle we think makes a few some nice value. There is one final one at Uttoxeter NOT on the Table above that I want to track and give a quick heads up too.

Tips from The Advisor at Carlisle; Michael at Doncaster and Placespotter at Listowel and a number of "Mentions" at Carlisle and Uttoxeter + Doncaster

We suffered the late loss of Salisbury yesterday to "grub infestation" and Epsom is abandoned tomorrow for the same reason. They apparently appear very quickly and make ground unsafe and patchy, so lets hop no more are found in the next few days. It would seem to be a seasonal thing and remedy can be quite quick. I understand it has always been an issue but the chemical treatment that used to be used has been banned, no doubt by some anorak in a suit in some Civil Service department who has no knowledge of turf or grass management.


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