Wednesday 19th September

We have racing today at Beverley; Sandown and Yarmouth on the Flat, as Kelso over the sticks and at Naas in Ireland. One feature of today, and an increasing trend is to see 2 Divisions of the same race with 10/11 runners. Whilst I understand that there may be 20 entries for a race where the maximum field is 16 or 18 (due to the dreaded health and safety) may be better in my humble opinion, to do what they do in Ireland and have a cracking 16-18 runner race and 3 reserves??. What can happen is that 2 Divisions with 10 runners have a few non runners and then you end up with an unappealing 8 runner handicap x 2; when you could still have a cracking 14-16 runner handicap.

There are so many imponderables today that we will be a shade imaginative and have 2 Tracker horses in a race at Beverley as a MENTION with 1/4 point each way at nice odds and also a small Patent 50p each way Unit would cost £7.00 and that's the suggested stake, on a couple of intriguing runners from 2 BIG Flat Yards and an old Hurdle favourite who last popped up for us advised at 14/1 on New Years Day.

We had a placed runner (again) yesterday with ALBERT BOY; I was not disappointed, given the 25/1 SP of Go On Gal with its run either, both raced prominently and gave it a good shot, and that's all we can ever ask. The placed horse pile is mounting fast, just need to turn those in to winners. A few Members (Andy / Maureen and Steve in particular) mailed me after racing, as they follow the horses we indicate to track and had backed (Be My Angel at 8/1; Jackamundo at 13/2 and Tadaawol at 7/2) and asked why we had not tipped them or referred to them yesterday. A very good question but the simple fact is, given the time of the season now, we had 11 Tracker horses run yesterday, 4 in the race won by Tadaawol as an example, so unless one really stands out, we can't tip or refer to them all. We will clear most of the Flat Tracker in October (leaving in a few unexposed types) and we have left about 20 unexposed types from last season in the NH Tracker and will discuss those in the coming weeks.

I am reluctant to "name horses to follow" it never ceases to amaze me to see all the hype about various "Horses to Follow Lists" and when I open them the first name is Altior; a muppet could probably come up with that, so instead of "horses to follow" we will track around 20 younger ex P2P types who we noted last season, it is a niche speciality of ours that paid huge dividends over the past few seasons, and I'm confident that we have a nice few to follow, many of whom will be running in unfashionable races at unfashionable tracks at big odds, so no lists of horses where none of them will ever go off at odds of less than 4/1.   

We WILL update The Members Paddock today before enhancing it, there may be a few who can't access as we are working through all codes and resets to prepare for big enhancement switch on, so if you can't access - no requirement to mail us - all should be updated in terms of Members Database by Friday, this will also allow those that take GOLF TIPS to see them from next Wednesday (26th) in Members Paddock.

A few have asked about the Alan articles. These have now been withdrawn and will no longer be available. I am sorry about this but once again huge extracts have appeared on various Horse Racing Blogs, defamatory comments have also been made in places; and frankly seeing people (who are not and never have been SP2A Members) have a pop about an article they should never have seen; on Forums that have no links or affiliation links to SP2A; is the final straw. I will honour the requests of a few who have requested specific articles in he past few weeks, these will be sent to those who have asked by e-mail, but no further copies will be available.
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