Wednesday 30th May

We have Flat action at Beverley; Ripon; Nottingham today and NH at Cartmel and Warwick; there is also action in Ireland.

The North of the Country has so far escaped the worst of the thundery rain, however it looks set to get some today; how much is unclear as is how much it will get in to the turf, but there are some very well fancied and short priced "hoof rattlers" so we are looking for some well handicapped types, who can handle conditions if the rain does not materialise but who will also be perfectly adaptable, based on past evidence, IF it does, and hence, could be some early value about them.

We have selections today from Valueman and Placespotter at Beverley and The Professor at Ripon and a couple of Mentions; one at Beverley and one at Nottingham

I think God Willing came as close to winning as you can without; just missing out on the nod. The frustration exacerbated by the fact that the winner Abushamah was the only other one considered for the win. When I wrote the email it was 14/1, I backed it at 12/1 as the mail went so reduced the advised price and it continued to be backed - I found out later that Gary Priestley had backed/tipped it too; and although he is no longer a "free tipster" he still gets a lot following him and hence i think the price crash. Sound logic, almost prefect execution. 
We also with Tiffin Top and its possible that Gamesters Icon was more inconvenienced by the draw than anything else. Bella Ferrari ran an excellent place, may have won in another 20 yards and would surely have won but for falling out of the stalls, not the first time that has happened in this frustrating little spell where we are getting winners in the bigger meetings but struggling a little in the week - something that does not usually happen. One point to highlight that came out of yesterday if we indicate Sky 1-4 or L-C-S 1-4 or similar, in the tips table "notes" that indicates they are the bookies offering enhanced odds, NOT necessarily "best price". If there is a standout "best price" it will be next to the horse and in the write up, and unless a SPECIFIC bookie is quoted there; the odds are general odds. We use Racing Post "odds" and place a few £1 bets as the first mail goes out to validate the price. The average delivery time from 1st to last emails going out is around 4 minutes; we split files as the bigger the file, the more likely it is to be delivered late.


I have mentioned the setting up of the new SP2A RACING CLUB on 1st September, to clarify, as a few have mailed asking to be kept informed, you will all be informed and opted in as it will be FREE as long as you continue to be subscribed to tips and a lot more about that in due course. We are sponsoring races at Newton Abbott on 15th August and 21st September and will tell you a lot more about that after i have been to the course to tie up some loose ends next week. We will be looking at the Tipping Panel as promised and resting a couple of Tipsters from the 1st of June . 

The new website Results Suite is almost completed, much of the data is now online and can be accessed by going to DAILY TIPSTERS in the horizontal Tool Bar on the Home Page of the website, then click a drop down Tipster e.g Placespotter, and you will now see - below a brief Tipster explanation (yet to be formatted with paragraphs but coming soon) on the left hand side the Tipster Blog (appears 1 hour after the race for public viewing from the Members Paddock where you have access from early morning). On the right hand side you will see what look like the familiar results tables by Tipster. However; you can now click across the top of the table for last 20 tips; Tips for 2018; Historical Tips (in the case of Placespotter since 2010) ; and a sexy little addition "Course Analysis" which shows most and least profitable Course for the Tipster (soon to be extended to all Courses). At the bottom of each of the last 20 / 2018 and Historical Tables you will see Total Returns for that period, average win/loss per tip and Highest Return (these relate to the period in question e.g last 20 tips/ 2018 / Historic). 

A new addition also to be found in the DAILY TIPSTERS drop down at the bottom is ALL RESULTS (this will shortly be a completely separate heading on its own across the horizontal toolbar) this includes an INTERACTIVE table for you ro check various Tipsters specifically or in general. It is still a "work in progress" but can be viewed and as soon as it is completed it will be a separate heading/page. In the next week we will add No Of Tips; Strike Rate / ROI and an option to calculate by Points / Pounds any round number from 1 to 1000.

You will have seen the addition of a new SP2A Speedway icon on the top right hand corner. There will in due course be a separate SP2A Speedway website. It will include the Speedway GP tips and Analysis we have started to do - free to all. In 2019 it will become something a bit bigger than that; a pet project specific to that sport and will be "stand-alone" and the Speedway Tips/Analysis will be about 2% of the work we will be doing, but SP2A Horse Racing Members will be more than welcome to get involved if you wish. It is a niche sport, my interest in it has been rekindled and it will separate in due course in to something away from the Horse Racing website.

There are in addition to the SP2A Racing Club (Horse Race Ownership project FREE to you all); SP2A Horse Race Sponsorship (Owners Badges and Days out FREE to you all) and the ongoing enhancements we are making; some other Horse Racing related plans and I at pains to point out that the long terms aim is a "Club feel" where the CURRENT subscription Rates pay for not only the tips but also ALL of the Club benefits (no add on's at all) and that whilst the tips will always be the most important aspect, and their long term profit crucial to retaining you as Clients; I am passionate about Customer Service and Customer Retention; and make no bones about it, we want to retain you as Clients by profit; service and overall package, for as long as possible...
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