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Mentions are selections that our extensive Horse Tracker system generates which we feel ARE worth a small e/w flutter. These are passed on to subscribed Members in a daily e-mail but they are not recorded as analysed full tips. You can find a complete record on Racing Index for full transparency

On the right hand side of the screen is the analysis for the tipster: SP2A Mentions, you can view the data of the last 20 Tips, All Tips for the current year, 2022, and their historical data, all their tips since starting at SP2A. The final tap is a graphical representation of their tips by course. The top pie chart, shows the 10 courses that have given SP2A Mentions, their best return’s (this is a total of the PROFIT on that course) the second Pie Chart give there least profitable course’s, again this is total profit of all tips given for that course. **Holding you mouse over each segment, will reveal the number of tips given for that course, along with the average return.**

Recent Blog Entries for SP2A Mentions

Thursday 31st May Posted: 31/05/2018 15:30

In the 2.10 at Lingfield the 2 market leaders dominate but there may be some e/w value IF you can grab the early 12/1 about ARABIAN FAIRYTALE ; sure to come on for debut run and got the hang of things late on, has pedigree to suggest this will be ide... [Read More]

Wednesday 30th May Posted: 30/05/2018 15:30

In the 3.30 at Beverley the one that stands out at around 12/1 is PALMERSTON has moved to the delightful and very talented Marjorie Fife and returns to scene of best runs based on RPR (Racing Post Ratings) and with CD wins off 77 and 80, the mark tod... [Read More]

Tuesday 29th May Posted: 29/05/2018 16:50

In the race The Professor has attacked I was drawn to HAVANA MARIPOSA at very nice odds of 20/1 with Sky going odds to 4th. The Yard has already delivered us a 28/1 winner this Flat season and I noted that this one is eased in Grade and dropped in tr... [Read More]

Monday 28th May Posted: 28/05/2018 17:20

(see Tipster Tips for tips)these are a bit more speculative and in the Zetland at Redcar 4.10 I think SIR CHAUVELIN with the enhanced SkyBet odds and at 20/1 can give us a good run for our money. Jim Goldie is a master at this kind of horse in this k... [Read More]

Curragh 4.10 Posted: 27/05/2018 16:10

I always want to find something proven at the trip in this kind of 3 year old race and  that logic found us the 50/1 runner up in the 2000 Guineas and the 66/1 winner of the 1000 Guineas and they are SP's not fancy dan advised Odds and I know ma... [Read More]

Saturday 26th May Posted: 26/05/2018 17:00

QUICK THOUGHTS and MENTIONS-:Michael has outlined a pretty logical Tricast Perm in the 2.55 at Chester as has Placespotter in the 3.40 at York, we will issue a general Tricast Guide on MONDAY wit the tips. At Cartmel, local Trainer JIMMY MOFFATT is a... [Read More]

Friday 25th May Posted: 25/05/2018 18:30

Here is the Mention Logic (a reminder a Mention is a horse fancied at 1/2 odds of tips often more speculative but analysed as in with a good chance)In the 1.50 at Haydock ICE CANYON and QUOTELINE DIRECT stand out in terms of ability to handle rain so... [Read More]

Thursday 24th May Posted: 24/05/2018 20:40

At Catterick in the 3.35 the 3 at the head of the market are all on the short side and may well back up the confidence but the value in the race could be Ralph Becketts FORT VERT and the early 12/1 looks about 4 points too much to me. The return of B... [Read More]

Tuesday 22nd May Posted: 22/05/2018 17:15

In the 5.15 at Ayr HAYMARKET is a Course and Distance expert who has had a couple of runs to get fit; it won 3 times last seasonand saw its mark rise from 49 to 59 in the process and it seems to have a glass ceiling around the 60 mark. It runs off 58... [Read More]

Monday 21st May Posted: 21/05/2018 20:00

Carlisle 5.15 9 Relight My Fire - 1/4 point each way @ 8/1Redcar 5.35 6 Fastalong - 1/4 point each way @ 12-16/1 (early odds)Leicester 8.00 6 Railport Dolly - 1/4 point each way @ 14/1 (all Bookies odds to 4th and SkyBet to 5th)*(*see mention notes o... [Read More]

Sunday 20th May Posted: 20/05/2018 17:00

RIPON 4.00 2 REBEL ASSAULT @ 13/2 (WH + Lads)RIPON 5.00 9 DAPPER MAN @ 10/1 (WH + Lads) + 5 ORIENTAL SPLENDOUR @ 18/1 (B365 + SkyBet)1/4 point each way each horse - prices validated at 8.15amIn the 4.00 at Ripon the one who most stands out is REBEL A... [Read More]

Saturday 19th May Posted: 19/05/2018 20:50

In addition to Communique and Glencadam Master at Newbury and Kings Coinage at Doncaster, noted above we also like the chances of a couple of longer priced horses, at Uttoxeter in the 6.35 DR ROBIN is one of the few who really like this kind of&... [Read More]

Friday 18th May Posted: 18/05/2018 19:30

Mention Ham 7.30 7 Corton Lad @ 25/1 (PP + BV) ¼ e/w   Mention Newb 2.35 12 Boy In The Bar @ 16/1 ¼ e/w C–S 1-4 Mention Newb 5.20 7 Jack Of Diamonds @16/1 ¼ e/w    With the focus on firmer ground we have been... [Read More]

Thursday 17th May Posted: 17/05/2018 18:55

MentionYork2.2018 Carlton Frankie @ 12/1¼ e/wWH/PP/S 5MentionYork4.051 Larchmont Lad @ 12/1¼ e/wPP 1-4MentionPerth3.052 Wind Of Hope @ 7/1¼ e/w MentionNewm6.5510 Hope Is High @ 14/1¼ e/wSky 1-4 Having seen the ex... [Read More]

Wednesday 16th May Posted: 16/05/2018 17:35

York 2.55 3 Flying Pursuit @ 20/1 / 16 Private Matter @ 10/1 - Coral / PP / Sky odds to 5thYork 5.35 3 Michaels Mount @ 14/1 (Sky odds to 5th) - NON RUNNERThe 2.55 has been covered by THE PROFESSOR but Ian is keen on the each way chances of the selec... [Read More]

Tuesday 15th May Posted: 15/05/2018 16:10

MentionBev4.1012 Prying Pandora @ 10/1¼ e/wSky 1-4MentionWinc 3.201 Whatthebutlersaw 7/1 / 5 Itsamanslife 20/1¼ e/w          Tricast above + Bev 3.40 see notes THE PROFESSOR -: T... [Read More]

Sunday 13th May Posted: 13/05/2018 17:05

MentionLudlow3.058 Cry Wolf @ 12/1¼ ew MentionSouth5.0510 Houndscourt @ 12/1¼ ewL/C/PP/S 1-4         Plumpton 2.45 reverse f/cast see italics (see Placespotter for CRY WOLF write... [Read More]

Saturday 12th May Posted: 12/05/2018 18:45

Only one today as Elite Service Members have had a couple already, in the Thirsk Race we will add WOTABREEZE; it usually runs in Class 5 and sometimes Class 6 but is very well handicapped, the yard is in great form and having had a runor two, which i... [Read More]

Chester 3.35 Posted: 11/05/2018 15:35

MentionChes3.356 Magic Circle 6/1 / 7 Fun Mac 12/1¼ e/wPP/BV/S 1-5MentionChes3.3517 Jukebox Jive 25/1¼ e/wPP/BV/S 1-5   Tricast Perm 3.35 Chester        MentionChes5.1515 Angel G... [Read More]

Thursday 10th May Posted: 10/05/2018 17:45

MentionWorc 1.401 NorthandSouth @ 8/1¼ e/w MentionHunt3.455 Fingerontheswitch / 13 Sackett @ 10/1¼ e/wL/C/S 1-4         See TRICAST Chester 5.05 in italics At Worcester in the Op... [Read More]

Wednesday 9th May Posted: 09/05/2018 17:25

MentionChes5.051 Roaring Forties @ 14/1¼ e/wPP/S 1-4MentionKelso3.109 Christmas Twenty @ 16/1 ´¼ e/w MentionN.A5.254 Glimpse Of Gold @ 16-20/1¼ e/wAll 1-4 Michael has picked and already covered ROARING FORTIES abo... [Read More]

Wetherby 3.40 Posted: 07/05/2018 15:40

 Mentions -: Beverley 3.40 10 Hitman @ 20/1  / 16 Chiswick Bey  @ 25/1 (1/4 point each way)(all bookies go 1-4 there are 16 runners but a few will almost certainly go 1-4 IF any non runners look at Sky / Lads / Coral for enhancements)&... [Read More]

Newmarket 3.35 Posted: 06/05/2018 15:35

(all 1/2 point each way - Lads / Coral / PP / BV + Sky pay odds to 4th place) Mention -: 7 Billesdon Brook @ 66-80/1For the "mention" and lets be 100% up front, you don't get 50/1 shots in Classics very often, but we will have a go, I narrowed i... [Read More]

Saturday 5th May Posted: 05/05/2018 15:55

Good MorningMentionUtto3.5514 Mustmeetalady @ 20/1¼ e/wAll 1-4MentionNewm 3.3514 Tip Two Win @ 50/1¼ e/wMost 1-4MentionNewm 1.502 Tricorn 9/1 / 7 Oasis Dream 10/1 ¼ e/wAll 1-4 MENTIONS - (not already mentioned - see Michael ... [Read More]

Friday 4th May Posted: 04/05/2018 16:10

MentionMuss2.4013 Pea Shooter @14/1¼ e/wLCS 1-4MentionMuss4.106 Trautmann @ 10/1¼ e/w    See Tricast Muss 2.40 + 5.15 in logic  Musselburgh 2.40 as mentioned above PEA SHOOTER could be a very nice each way ... [Read More]

Thursday 3rd May Posted: 03/05/2018 20:10

Here is the Mentions Logic-: One good question I had was "who does the mentions" - simple rationale IF a mention comes in a race covered by a tip;the "mention" and logic comes from the Tipster who has done the tip, as part of the full analysis o... [Read More]

Pontefract 3.55 Posted: 02/05/2018 15:55

PONTEFRACT 3.55 16 Beverley Bullet - 1/4 point each way @ 16/1 (PP) 14/1 generally - SKY enhance odds to 4th place(a runner came out at 7.15am reducing odds to 4th all Bookies to just SkyBet - possible Lads/Coral may go to 4th once the market ha... [Read More]

Tuesday 1st May Posted: 01/05/2018 17:25

MentionNott3.352 Seduce Me @ 9/2 > 5/1¼ e/wPlace 1-2 MentionBrig5.257 Junoesque @ 25/1¼ e/w  We tipped up SEDUCE ME at Ripon on Saturday and were a bit gutted when it was pulled out, that was a more interestingrace; bi... [Read More]

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