Friday 14th September

SPEEDO BOY in the 3.00 at Doncaster can be found under tips for The Professor.

In the 2.25 the favourite is the one to beat but under 2/1 after a fair number of tough races looks opposable. Any number could and may improve but GOSSAMER WINGS looked over-priced if you take in to account connections, earlier promise and the fact that in mid summer the Yard was not firing on all cylinders. They most certainly are now and but for that mid summer blip (a few of us know all about mid summer blips!); would likely be half the morning price of around 8/1. So a solid each way poke.

At Sandown in the 4.30, a fair number look exposed to me and may just be "over the top" after a summer running on Firm Going in the intense heat. So; I will reluctantly pass over Another Boy (upped in Class anyway) and Swift Approval (last 2 runs indicate could be OTT) and the disappointing so far Absolutely so, and side with REPTON and ROUSAYA. ROUSAYAN ran better last time at Thirsk, likes a right handed track with an uphill finish (notably Beverley) so Sandown may be perfect. Likes a bit of cut too, and enough rain in South East in past 48 hours to guarantee proper Good Going and no jar; I think it looks primed to run well out of its usual territory. One that is a regular around the M25 Tracks is REPTON, indeed but for one 2 year old run, would probably get a nosebleed after 2 hours in the van, looks nicely weighted here and well drawn too and although not a prolific winner is reliably consistent and due to pop up with a win. 



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