Tracker Accumulator Advices

Each day we provide extensive Tracker information for our Members based on Horses and Trainers that we are following based on previous tips, previous analysis and visual identification on Races we view on TV or On Course. From 1 March 2022 we will use this data to deliver a "daily accumulator advice" from the Trackers advised to Members to bet as small unit e/w singles and accumulators. This page will reflect results from the e.w single selections to SP and also the small unit accumulator advised to set stakes.

On the right hand side of the screen is the analysis for the tipster: Tracker Accumulator Advices, you can view the data of the last 20 Tips, All Tips for the current year, 2022, and their historical data, all their tips since starting at SP2A. The final tap is a graphical representation of their tips by course. The top pie chart, shows the 10 courses that have given Tracker Accumulator Advices, their best return’s (this is a total of the PROFIT on that course) the second Pie Chart give there least profitable course’s, again this is total profit of all tips given for that course. **Holding you mouse over each segment, will reveal the number of tips given for that course, along with the average return.**

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Last 20 Results For Tracker Accumulator Advices

Tracker Accumulator Advices tips for 2022

The table below gives all tips from Tracker Accumulator Advices, since they started at SP2A.

All Results recorded to SP - Starting Price unless otherwise state Results recorded to £10 each way / £20 win - as advised prior to 31/12/17 From 1/1/18 Results recorded to advised unit on basis of 1 point = £10.00