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Each day we provide extensive Tracker information for our Members based on Horses and Trainers that we are following based on previous tips, previous analysis and visual identification on Races we view on TV or On Course. From 1 March 2022 we will use this data to deliver a "daily accumulator advice" from the Trackers advised to Members to bet as small unit e/w singles and accumulators. This page will reflect results from the e.w single selections to SP and also the small unit accumulator advised to set stakes.

On the right hand side of the screen is the analysis for the tipster: Tracker Accumulator Advices, you can view the data of the last 20 Tips, All Tips for the current year, 2024, and their historical data, all their tips since starting at SP2A. The final tap is a graphical representation of their tips by course. The top pie chart, shows the 10 courses that have given Tracker Accumulator Advices, their best return’s (this is a total of the PROFIT on that course) the second Pie Chart give there least profitable course’s, again this is total profit of all tips given for that course. **Holding you mouse over each segment, will reveal the number of tips given for that course, along with the average return.**

Recent Blog Entries for Tracker Accumulator Advices

Monday 17th June Posted: 17/06/2024 19:45

TRACKER  (if we exclude the already tipped Silverfort Lady we have a nice e/w Lucky 15 small unit with the following IN the Tracker) Carlisle 4.00 DumfriesChepstow 4.18 DiamondsinthesandChepstow 4.55 Galactic GlowKilbeggan 7.45 Optiona... [Read More]

Sunday 16th June Posted: 16/06/2024 18:15

TRACKERS Thirsk 6.15 - see above re Kitsune Power + Hope You Can RunSalisbury 2.55 Powerdress [Read More]

Saturday 15th June Posted: 15/06/2024 20:00

A number of TRACKERS today including three in a very competitive York Sprint, I've put those in preference order. If you want an accumulator preference first in terms of listing for the races where 2 compete. Downpatrick 1.40 GladiatorialYo... [Read More]

Friday 14th June Posted: 14/06/2024 20:20

TRACKERS- Sandown 3.15 Chasing AphroditeChester 4.35 My Honey BGoodwood 6.40 CaponeGoodwood 8.20 Alazwar All added this past 2 months, all double figure nice e/w odds so a "small unit Lucky 15 e/w" for a fun side bet. [Read More]

Saturday 8th June Posted: 08/06/2024 20:30

TRACKERS Ardagh's Choice is already tipped and in the TRACKER system Catterick 3.20 Obee JoBeverley 3.50 BlueflagflyinghighCatterick 4.30 GibsideChepstow 7.30 DiamondsinthesandChepstow 8.00 Fact Or FableChepstow 8.30 Dappled Light I am... [Read More]

Friday 7th June Posted: 07/06/2024 19:20

TRACKERS - rather too many today (7 in total) If we weed out a 2/1 shot (Mrembo in the 4.00 at Brighton) and a 100/1 shot (Royal Toast in the 6.35 at Goodwood) and Kadys Dirha (one of 2 in the 7.20 at Clonmel) though we have a nice 4 runner... [Read More]

Thursday 6th June Posted: 06/06/2024 19:45

TRACKER Lord Protector - Chelmsford 7.45 - won at 20/1 last week, won't be 20/1 today and probably best watched. (Thanks very much to John for pointing out the bet we suggested yesterday is a PATENT and not a error and great to... [Read More]

Wednesday 5th June Posted: 05/06/2024 19:25

TRACKERS (all have place claims at decent Odds so a small Triex type best 7 e/w small unit to cover 1 x e/w treble / 3 x e/w / 3x e/w singles) Kempton 5.05 Powerdress @ 16/1  (tracked on AW and Turf form) Curragh 7.00 Dame Rapide&... [Read More]

Thursday 4th June Posted: 04/06/2024 19:30

TRACKERS A couple today but with a "wealth warning" that both are TRACKED on TURF Form Lingfield 6.15 WarholWolverhampton 7.30 KIng Sharja [Read More]

Monday 3rd June Posted: 03/06/2024 07:03

TRACKERS  Just the 2 today Ayr 4.45 PHOENIX FIRE - (see above)Wetherby 8.30 Wintercrack [Read More]

Sunday 2nd June Posted: 02/06/2024 07:03

TRACKERS They will start to trickle out now from the new Lists we started to compile in early April with a specific aim for Summer Turf flat and Summer Jumping. Four run today and are well worth a small unit Lucky 15 e/w type side bet&... [Read More]

Saturday 1st June Posted: 01/06/2024 07:02

TRACKERS (small Trixie type bet 3x e/w singles / 3x e/w doubles / 1 x e/w treble 7 units  - small unit stake Worcester 1.10 Kennack BayListowel 4.50 CerocTramore 7.55 Early Arrival [Read More]

Friday 30th June Posted: 30/06/2023 20:45

TRACKERS (a fair few today)-: Cartmel 2.30 Dee StarCartmel 3.05 Carnet De Stage / Roxborough Road / MonoxideCartmel 3.40 Humps And BumpsNewcastle 4.55 Point Louise / Luna Magic (see above)Newcastle 5.30 Show Me Show Me (very unlucky la... [Read More]

Thursday 29th June Posted: 29/06/2023 17:30

TRACKERS (just the one today) Newmarket 5.30 Infiniti [Read More]

Wednesday 28th June Posted: 28/06/2023 20:20

TRACKERS Worcester 1.58 Coconut TudorCarlisle 3.20 Whats The Story (thrown in doe to error in Entering for the 3.50) / Dogged / GainsbourgCarlisle 3.50 Garden Oasis (won't appreciate the rain)Worcester 5.03 Rock The HouseBath 5.40 Lady Rasc... [Read More]

Tuesday 27th June Posted: 27/06/2023 20:40

TRACKERS -: Beverley 3.15 KiaraadNewton Abbot 7.30 - NickelsonthedimeNewton Abbot 8.40 Loved Out [Read More]

Monday 26th June Posted: 26/06/2023 20:10

TRACKERS - Southwell 4.30 Broomfields CaveChepstow 5.25 De Vegas KidBallinrobe 7.50 Red Vermillion (see above)Windsor 8.10 Desert Illusion [Read More]

Friday 23rd June Posted: 23/06/2023 20:30

TRACKERS Ascot 2.30 - SnafiyaMarket Rasen 3.20 - Black LightningAscot 3.40 - Max Mayhem Market Rasen 3.55 - TopofthecotswoldsMusselburgh 5.30 - Chinese SpiritAscot 6.10 Thunder Moor / Conquistador / Danger AlertMusselburgh 7.50 - SixcorLime... [Read More]

Thursday 22nd June Posted: 22/06/2023 17:35

TRACKERS Ripon 3.25 SignificantlyAscot 5.35 Waipiro [Read More]

Wednesday 21st December Posted: 21/06/2023 18:58

TRACKERS Worcester 2.10 - Justshortofabubble / Tudors Treasure / CorranyAscot 5.00 - Koy Koy / Dawn Of Liberation Ripon 5.26 - ShamardinaNewcastle 5.50 - Bear On The LooseRipon 6.01 - MoraliseWexford 6.58 - Latest Model Newcastle 7.50&... [Read More]

Tuesday 20th June Posted: 20/06/2023 17:45

TRACKER Thirsk 1.30 MantraWexford 1.40 TakerengoWexford 2.47 Powerful Blue + Wild CapriceThirsk 4.10 BeautifulasalwaysStratford 4.30 BombyxWexford 4.37 SilvertownWexford 5.17 Steps Match / Sean Says / Well Poly / Rule Of June / Diamond Grov... [Read More]

Sunday 18th June Posted: 18/06/2023 00:00

A trio of placed runners yesterday in the 3 main tip races, no complaints about the runs or results with Jean Baptiste, Dutch Decoy or Bright Sunbird, on another day there could have been 2 winners out of the 3 and a net profit but not quite to be. I... [Read More]

Saturday 17th June Posted: 17/06/2023 19:40

YORK POINTERS....We have looked for one at a decent e/w price for a Lucky 15 each way small Unit and indicate a couple of others at nice odds for some shrapnel if you wish and also which Bookies offer best Odds in each race so ideally you can find be... [Read More]

Friday 16th June Posted: 16/06/2023 20:25

Very few Trackers today-: (best watched) Aintree 7.35 Esperti Aintree 8.45 Born FamousFontwell 8.25 Milanese Rose    [Read More]

Thursday 15th June Posted: 15/06/2023 20:30

TRACKERS Newbury 4.00 Popmaster* (tough race see notes)Haydock Park 5.40 Giovanni Baglioni*Worcester 5.00 Sir Jack West*Worcester  6.20 Tudors Treasure*Worcester 6.50 Silver Sheen*Leopardstown 8.30 Red Vermillion + Zileo (see notes abo... [Read More]

Wednesday 14th June Posted: 14/06/2023 21:00

We looked at all the other Fixtures and have come up with a small unit e/w Patent at nice early Odds on 3 horses (1 e/w treble / 3 e/w doubles / 3 e/w singles) Haydock Park 4.20 Seagrave Fox @ 12/1  (reserve Concert Boy) Newton Ab... [Read More]

Tuesday 13th June Posted: 13/06/2023 19:43

TRACKERS-: Southwell 2.30 Norman Kindhu (see above)Salisbury 3.10 Muy Muy Guepo*Brighton 4.50 De Vegas Kid *Wetherby 5.40 Team Endeavour*Ayr 7.00 Garden Oasis*Ayr 8.10 SixcorSligo 7.08 Latest Model / General Clermont / Wild Caprice (best watched... [Read More]

Monday 12th June Posted: 12/06/2023 21:00

TRACKERS  Southwell 2.45 - Miss Wachit / Prince Cleni / First Man (see above)Lingfield 3.30 Peace Wall *Lingfield 4.00 Klaraad*Southwell 4.50 Riggsby *Windsor 7.10 Mountain Peak / Night on EarthPontefract 8.30 Round The Island / Panama City... [Read More]

Sunday 11th June Posted: 11/06/2023 18:45

TRACKERS-: Punchestown 2.15 Caesar Rock*Perth 3.00 Victory Echo*Perth 4.35 Colonel Manderson*Beverley 6.45 Wheres Jeff* * small unit e/w Lucky 15 recommended [Read More]

Saturday 10th June Posted: 10/06/2023 08:15

TRACKERS Haydock 1.50 Mr Wagyu (see above) / All The Kings MenB-O-D 2.50 Steel Wave + Camillas ChoicePunchestown 3.05 Silvertown / Menindee / Outside The Door (see above)Catterick 4.30 Mid Winster *B-O D 4.35 Armatekkian * (*small e/w) [Read More]

Trackers Friday 9th June Posted: 09/06/2023 20:30

TRACKERS ( * 4 with asterix may be nice small unit L15 e/w) Thirsk 1.40 Ballintoy Harbour*Market Rasen 2.20 Bentham + Dora De Janeiro (see above)Market Rasen 3.20 Better Getalong*Clonmel 5.40 Takarengo*Goodwood 5.50 Apollos Angel (long term... [Read More]

Thursday 8th June Posted: 08/06/2023 17:25

TRACKERS-: Ffos Llas 1.50 To Be SureFfos Llas 3.25 Loved OutHamilton 3.35 SnashUttoxeter 4.55 Millie Of MayoFfos Llas 5.05 Rock The Horse / AlramzUttoxeter 5.25 Lightening Company (a small unit 63 on those may be an interesting option ... [Read More]

Trackers - Wednesday 7th July Posted: 07/06/2023 16:10

TRACKERS - Newton Abbot 3.35 Good Impression (below win mark on well watered ground that should have enough cut)Newton Abbot 4.10 Gios Girl (e/w chance) [Read More]

Tuesday 6th June Posted: 06/06/2023 20:45

TRACKERS Leicester 3.30 - AboveSouthwell 4.20 Roxboro RoadSouthwell 5.20 Robbie Dazzler + Get PharWetherby 7.20 LilikoiLingfield 8.45 Waterloo Sunset [Read More]

Monday 5th June Posted: 05/06/2023 17:00

TRACKERS  Thirsk 3.30 Frog And Toad / Bungley (both best watched at moment)Ayr 4.15 SixcorGowran Park 4.37 Gradulations   [Read More]

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Last 20 Results For Tracker Accumulator Advices

Tracker Accumulator Advices tips for 2024

The table below gives all tips from Tracker Accumulator Advices, since they started at SP2A.

All Results recorded to SP - Starting Price unless otherwise state Results recorded to £10 each way / £20 win - as advised prior to 31/12/17 From 1/1/18 Results recorded to advised unit on basis of 1 point = £10.00